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New Hats - Musketeer, Pirate, Buccaneer, Cavalier, Colonial
Cavalier Style
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Cavalier Hats USPS Priority Mail Shipping and Handling with Delivery Confirmation for the Continental US: $7.50 as this hat requires 2 boxes for shipping. Pricing information below.
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Tricorner Style
Tricorner Hat USPS Priority Mail shipping and handling with Delivery Confirmation for the Continental US: $7.00 as it only requires 1 box for shipping. Pricing information below.
These hats were used in the Classic periods between the 12th through the 18th Centuries, though many people chose to use this type of hat. Some examples are Musketeers, Cavaliers, Buccaneers, Privateers, and the Infamous Pirates, who tended to borrow anything they got their hands on for lengthy amount of times. They are made from a thick rugged felt material, and are available in Black, Chocolate Brown, Cinnamon Brown, Cardinal Red or Gunmetal Grey color. Please specify color when ordering. To give them more of an authentic look and feel, these are not direct fit hats. The inside is approximately 21-23 inches around. We do not know what the general hat size would be but this is the measurement. We are sorry but we cannot guarantee the size as they are not marked, but we can do our best.
They are priced at $45.00 per hat. While in stock!
We also have Plumes available for order. They are approximately 18 inches long. These are priced at $8.00 and can be shipped with the Cavalier Hats. They cannot be shipped with the Tricorner Hats due to the size of the box, so have to be shipped separately. It would be an additional $4.25 shipping and handling cost to order a plume with a Tricorner Hat or Alone. Colors that are available are Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, and Purple.
Our New Featured Embroidered HatBands!!
Standard Price for Embroidered Hat Bands is $40 plus shipping. Bands are available in any Primary color. Design can be in any primary color. If you wish to have something more extravagant please email
Wenchly Rose Hat Band
Pirate Skull Hat Band
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