Pirate's Cove
Captain Billy Bones T-Shirt
This gorgeous full-color design is printed on the front of a black 100% heavyweight cotton crew-neck T-shirt.
Black T-Shirt, full-color design.
Adult sizes small, medium, large, XL are $20,
XXL is $22.
Child sizes X-small, small, medium, large, XL are $16.
Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean
Official Coin!!!
Cast in metal and plated with 10k gold with an antique wash, this coin is a faithful reproduction of the original prop down to every detail, except the curse! The replica of the original coin features the skull symbol surrounded by an Aztec calendar design while the back shows two pictographs.
Approx. dimensions of coin: 1 1/2" diameter, 1/8" thick

Prices are as follows:
$13.50 per coin
$19.50 per necklace
Pirate Flags
These Flags are made of 100% polyester, which is strong, lightweight, and looks equally well from both sides. All have a pair of polyester ribbons attached at the top of one side and a pair at the bottom so they can be tied to just about anything. The flags measure 30"x43" and are only $10 each.; The Pirate Skeleton Banners are almost twice as large as the regular flags, measuring 23"x71" and are $11.
In order above:
1) Brethren of the Coast 2) Jolly Roger #1
3)  Pirate Flag - Skull/Swords 4) Red Bandanna Jolly Roger

Pirate Coins/Doubloons
small 4.2
small 4.1
Medium 4.3
Large 4.4
These replica coins are modeled on 4 antique Spanish coins - they are plated in ersatz gold and silver, and they are given either a shiny finish, to look as they would have in the days of the pirates, or an antique finish, to look as they might today. They are Metal coins with an authentic feel. The small coins are one inch in diameter, about the size of a quarter. The mid sized coins are 1 1/4 inch diameter. The large coins are 1 1/2 inch diameter, about the size of an old large silver dollar.
small coins = $.50
Medium coins = $.75
Large coins = $1.00
Treasure Chest Jewels
What's a Treasure Chest without Jewels? These ACRYLIC faceted jewels come in four shapes: round, rectangular, oval and tear drop, and eight different colors: Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Light Green, Rose Pink, Ruby Red, Royal Purple, and Clear Diamond. These would be excellent for adding a touch of Sparkle to your Loot! Also, each jewel has a small hole in the top, making it suitable for adding to clothing as a beautiful decoration! These are good Theatrical Costume Gems. Each jewel is just inder 1 inch in length, and just over 1/4 inch thick.
They are priced at
50 cents per jewel.
Rose Pink
Light Green
Royal Blue
Royal Purple
Emerald Green
Ruby Red
Clear Diamond
Sky Blue
Pirate Cutlass/Sword!!
This piece measures approx. 30.5" long overall (sword in scabbard). The sword itself measures approx. 29". The decorative blade measures approx. 22.75" long and is not sharp. The hilt is made entirely of metal and features elaborate decorations. Similar decorations adorn the fittings on the scabbard. The majority of the cup guard is covered with a very detailed ship and waves. The fittings feature a Skull and Crossed Swords in the manner of Captain Jack Rackham on the top of the scabbard, and a set of Crossed Pistols on the bottom. The scabbard body is made of simulated leather. The handle and pommel have an antiqued silver appearance, and the cup hilt and fittings have an antiqued gold/bronze appearance. This item is made in Spain. The Price for this item is $45.00. You must be over 18 to purchase this item. Please email for shipping and handling costs.
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